The Arcade Game

As kids, who among us never dreamed of growing up to be a sailor? After we go to space, naturally. This arcade game was created for those who never forgot their childhood dreams. And so, you are now looking through the periscope of a submarine and the enemy ships are sailing audaciously across the horizon, back and forth. Press “Start” and the green point representing a moving torpedo rushes towards the enemy vessel. The rest depends on the accuracy of the player-sniper.

The guiding principle of the arcade game is relying on the mirror reflections of the objects.

15 kop. Start

Information board

It indicates the number of rounds left, the beginning and end of the game

Exterior appearance

The casing colors, panel images and ship designs varied among models

Sight window




Ship and ammunition names

Game rules

Map of military hostilities

Right side door

Front cover

Hides the internal mechanism of the game

Side door

Closed with a special lock

Coin Return

Bent and commemorative coins are not accepted

Retracting podium

For the youngest of visitors

‘Morskoi Boi’ is the most recognized of all children’s arcade games of the Soviet epoch. It’s this very game that started the children’s arcade museum.

Alexander Stakhanov

Basic Arcade Game Facts

220 V (50 Hz
Power consumption
200 V×A
701×268×272 inches
397 pounds
Arcade Machine price, 1981
2700 RUB.